Dr. Jaime Horton
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Horton currently manages the chemistry review of FastPatentPartner's databases of pharmaceutical patent and antitrust litigation and FDA citizen petitions. She is also responsible for conducting the quality control processes critical to the maintenance of these databases, and is involved in the development of the FastPatentExpert product.

Dr. Horton has extensive knowledge in the sciences, from basic laboratory research to biotechnology and biomedical engineering applications. With experience in both public and private sector research and development, Dr. Horton has worked on a variety of projects

from chip-based microfluidic bacterial and viral protein fingerprinting to automated in vitro isolation and perfusion of cells for cardiovascular and orthopedic regenerative therapies. Within molecular and cellular biology, Dr. Horton's focus has been on non-infectious mediators of inflammation in preterm birth, and more recently, the involvement of calcium channels in heart disease. Her programming experience includes analysis of a compartmental model for novel radiopharmaceutical investigation and development of a mathematical model to assess cerebral hemodynamics during arterial pressure changes.


University of Hawaii Ph.D., summa cum laude,
Cell and Molecular Biology, 2010
Yale University B.S., cum laude,
Biomedical Engineering, 2004


American Chemical Society
Association for the Advancement of Science


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